Scott Thompson

When Scott was a kid learning to subtract, he would imagine that the numbers had little arms and legs.  The five and the three that he saw on the page would fight each other with little swords and shields.  The five would win of course, but he would lose some of himself in the fight.  He would merely be a two from that day forward.

After high school, he assumed he would be some sort of scientist, but mathematics just didn’t have enough swords in it.  Then he picked up his first camera and realized that there is an art where a mathematical brain comes in handy.  That’s why he chose a life in video production; it is the perfect combination of math and adventure.

Scott has been working in video production since 2004.  He has a bachelor’s degree in film at UNLV, and is an award-winning writer and director. Since joining Light Forge Studios, he has been involved in many televised shows, commercials, countless award-winning short films, and two full length feature films.

scott light forge